Happy New Year!

First, I want to thank everyone who has followed my blog even though my posts are scarce. I’m using WordPress on a Kindle and they’re not really compatible.

I will be posting a little more frequently this year.

Happy New Year!

Dixie's Christmas 2012 008


Colorful, comfortable BUMAS muzzles coming to the U.S.

The Muzzle Up! Project


Yesterday, I met up with a friend and colleague who recently got involved with the BUMAS muzzle company. For those who aren’t aware, BUMAS makes made-to-order, colorful, comfortable muzzles for all dog breeds.

Many dog guardians struggle with finding a muzzle that fits their dog, not to mention one that allows for ease of movement and treat delivery. Muzzle Up’s Facebook page and website are full of recommendations to help improve fit and comfort with at-home modifications, but even with these aids, most muzzles available in local stores fall short. Because of BUMAS’s commitment to comfort, safety and a positive image, their muzzles have been a favorite recommendation of mine ever since I discovered their company. (Ironically, my friend told me a majority of the orders BUMAS receives from the United States each year come from the Bay Area, where myself and The Muzzle Up! Project are located. Coincidence? I don’t…

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New Year, New Friend

If you are in search of a special friend for the New Year, you are in luck. These two kitties that I am sharing, are in the Contra Costa county area in California.

I am sharing Ms. Savvy Do’s post so you can see if one of these kitties will be right for you.

Another Kitten Guest Selfie

Courageous Momma Kat #mommakatssearch

HIYA!  SAVANNAH HERE!!—My Sunday Selfie Mystery Guest revealed. Momma Kat had five kittens to care for and feed and yet she herself had not been out to find food for days. She took a chance, stashe…

Source: Courageous Momma Kat #mommakatssearch

A Poem for Cecil the Lion!

Thanks to Rachel’s Magical World for this great tribute to Cecil the Lion.

rachels magical world


A Majestic King in all his glory,

Now gone from this world in a senseless slaughter,

Majestic Beauty full of love for his pride,

A King is Gone,A king has died!

Shine Bright above us in Leo’s Bold bright Stars,

Forever Remembered ,never forgotten!

Cecil the Lion a King in his prime!

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Will You Help Me Network for Tigger?: Thursday Purrsday

Awesome kitty looking for his forever home in California or Oregon. Help Tigger today, transport is available to the right home.


Will You Help Me Network for Tigger?: Thursday Purrsday.


As you may have guessed by the title, this post is about a squirrel. A cute, fuzzy, baby squirrel. That jumped on me while I was sleeping. The incident happened kind of like this…

This is what actually landed on Dixie and I.


This is what I thought landed on us.Image


And this is actual video of what I looked like.


Dixie was thrown on the floor unhurt. I think she was more shocked than I was. Did I mention she weighs 70 lbs? I may have been a little scared.

Once I regained my composure and realized what was going on, I hit the internet. I’m not a fan of squirrels but I didn’t want to hurt it either. There’s lots of “helpful” information on the internet. One suggested I build a plywood highway to an open window, leave the room and lock it for a couple of hours and eventually the squirrel would realize it was safe to leave. Unless you had food in the room in which case the squirrel would become your new roomie. Internet fail :p

So I decided to block the squirrel into the corner with a box and the cat carrier. But first I had to prepare for battle. Winter jacket, winter gloves and hockey helmet with wire face grill. I felt like this, minus the sword of course.Image


In reality I looked more like this.


I used a cheap wooden back scratcher and was able to poke the squirrel into the cat carrier and brought him out to the backyard.

I figure if he’s foolish enough to come back inside my house then he should probably get the Darwin award.

Unless he comes back with the Squirrel army!


Maybe I’ll just stay in my house forever. Oh poop! I’m not safe inside either! I guess I am moving to Antarctica.

Guide to Dog Body Language


Thank you to Zoom Room for creating and to No Dog About It Blog for sharing these two videos. They are about four years old but well done.  Worth watching if you interact with dogs at all.

Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language – YouTube.

Watch these more than once and you will pick up more signals each time.

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,

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Winter Dog Walking

<a href="8 Steps to Walking the Dog in the Winter
8 Steps to Walking Your Dog in the Winter
by Vetstreet” title=”Winter Dog Walking”>Winter Dog Walking

Infographic courtesy of Vetstreet.com.


Why my dog will probably offend you.

My dog Dixie is LOUD! Extremely LOUD! She has offended numerous people with her barking. We get dirty looks all the time. You wouldn’t mind if it was somewhere dogs weren’t allowed, but these are dog training centers and dog festivals. I mean why would people go to these things if they didn’t expect to hear barking dogs? I admit to being partially to blame for the loudness though. When Dixie asked for a megaphone I couldn’t see the harm. How was I to know they have self levitating megaphones? Now she refuses to leave home without it. So, if you see us coming or more likely hear us coming put on some earplugs because she has extra batteries.Image